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Scottish Power Cruachan

Opened by her Majesty the Queen in 1965, Cruachan Power Station is a Hydroelectric Power Station buried within Ben Cruachan or "The Hollow Mountain" located on the shores of Loch Awe on the scenic West coast of Scotland. At its centre lies a massive cavern capable of housing the Tower of London, within which large turbines convert the power of water to electricity.

A Closed Circuit Television System has been installed with the purpose of monitoring the site specifically the turbines and the dam.

Early in 2017 a major lightning strike to the site caused severe damage to the site plant and the closed circuit television system. At this point Electronic Security Systems and Fire Protection Ltd were commissioned to provide a detailed diagnosis on the extent of the damage and a plan that would allow full operations to be restored.
Within days our team of highly skilled engineers, including a 3rd year apprentice gaining valuable training and knowledge, have been inducted and authorised to carry out an assessment and full report provision over a three day period providing the client with the relevant risk analysis and method statements.
In the next two weeks Electronic Security Systems and Fire Protection Ltd were appointed to carry out the repair works comprising:-

1. Replacement of 10 Channel Indigo Vision Encoder rack
2. Replacement of BBV Telemetry Units
3. Replacement Pan Tilt & Zoom Dome Cameras with Infra Red & White Lighting options.
4. Fabrication of bespoke camera brackets
5. Test & Commission all Cameras and Recording Devices

The aforementioned works were carried out by our team in accordance with all Power Station site rules and regulations using Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and full Personal Protective Equipment. Restoring the monitoring system and providing a safer working environment for the staff and visitors to 'The Hollow Mountain'.